Mental health counseling for corona patients

Mental health counseling for corona patients

Steps have been taken to provide mental health counseling via video call on the cell phone for the corona patients admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai.

It has been suggested that those who are being treated there can be psychologically stronger and overcome their fears about the disease.

While some of the coronal suicides are a suicide story, the doctors have said that such consultations can prevent them from making wrong decisions.
At Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, the newly built 6 storied building for the treatment of paralysis has been transformed into a corona ward. A number of patients are being treated on a case-by-case basis, ranging from mild symptoms to admission to the intensive care unit. More than 100 physicians and senior medical students have been assigned to rotate (shift) in the corona treatment ward alone. There are hundreds of nurses and medical staff besides Avas.

As of now, Rajiv Gandhi Hospital has admitted 657 corona patients and treating symptoms. 357 of them are being treated with oxygen.

In this context, Nivagam has decided to provide mental health counseling to all corona patients. For this purpose, two senior Mental Health and Masters students are employed. They provide psychological counseling to corona patients daily.

Rajiv Gandhi Hospital’s first doctor, Dr. A. Teranrajan, said:

The Rajiv Gandhi Hospital has so far admitted 4,735 coroners. More than 3,700 of them have recovered and returned home. In this context, we are implementing a number of special measures aimed at improving corona treatment. Significantly, they have been given appropriate mental health counseling to address patients’ fears and disturbances. Interested patients can talk to mental health counselors via a video call. Otherwise you can talk on a cell phone call. Such advice is being given to patients daily.

In the event that the corona victim is unable to speak at the Nab’s intensive care unit, he has taken steps to provide mental health counseling to his family. This will make everyone aware of the corona. Half the patients are more likely to heal if they have the courage to overcome fear. It is with this in mind that we have launched this initiative. Similarly, a special committee has been set up to reduce corona deaths. Members of the team and medical professionals working in Corona Ward are conducting video training for nurses.

In addition, a battery-powered special vehicle has been purchased to transfer corona patients to the hospital. The automated sanitation equipment has been installed in 16 locations on the hospital premises.

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