Corona Preventive Medicine: Final Research in Medical College of Tamil Nadu

Corona Preventive Medicine: Final Research in Medical College of Tamil Nadu

Researchers are testing human covariance vaccine to prevent coronavirus at SRM Medical College, Kattankolathur, Chennai.

The Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) has given its approval. Testing activities are to be carried out from the 7th.

Meanwhile, volunteers who want to participate in the research are invited to SRM Medical College Nivagam Saab. It appears that a total of 100 volunteers are scheduled to be tested on the body of Covexin.
Various countries are working on finding vaccines for coronavirus that threaten the world. Researches have been carried out at the Doctorate MGR Medical University Chap. There are more than 200 vaccines being researched at the national level.

In the meantime, Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech Company has announced that it has crossed the stage of finding a coronavirus drug. As a final step, the company was approved by the Indian Medical Research Council to test and administer the drug to humans. The company introduced the drug, covexin. In this context, further research into it has been intensified. Steps are being taken to make it publicly available by August 15.

In the meantime, ICMR has released details on which medical colleges in India can conduct the research on Covexin. It has 13 medical college hospitals in states including Delhi, Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and Uttar Pradesh. In the case of Tamil Nadu, Chengalpattu district has been allowed to conduct research at SRM Medical College in Kattankolathur. Dr. A. Sundaram, the first of the academy, said:

We will carry out research activities with the guidance of ICMR. The first step will be getting approval from the college’s ethics committee. After that, research activities will be conducted with the volunteers. It is planned to expedite the process of inspection in view of the present emergency situation.

SRM Medical College and Research Institute researchers are also participating in this research. It will send all the details of the test and the examination to the Indian Medical Research Council.

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