How to Prevent a Package From Being Updated in Ubuntu

How to Prevent a Package From Being Updated in Ubuntu

Many of us like to keep everything up-to-date in our computer. Ubuntu provides regular updates through the Update Manager. Ubuntu even provides option of offline updates. But there may be a situation where one wants to retain the version of a particular application for some specific purpose. in that case, user can force prevent the package update.

Below is the procedure to prevent the update of a particular package or application in Ubuntu:

Install Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu:

Once upon a time Synaptic used to ship by default in Ubuntu and it was also the default package manager in Ubuntu until 11.10. Use the following command to install Synaptic Package Manager in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

Stop a package from being upgraded:

  • Start the Synaptic Package Manager from Ubuntu Unity dash.
  • Once you have opened it, search for your desired package or application in the search bar.
  • Select that package.
  • Now from the Package menu option, choose the Lock Version.
  • Save it.

Voila! Now your selected package will be excluded from further upgrades. 

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